My first year into this decade is over. honestly, I’m glad I left it behind!
I was ready for something else, ready for a glamorous year. I had idealized my fifty years, therefore was not prepared for this gift: a set of health tests that I did not expect, at least not all at once.

Yes, a set of letters from health Canada, all Cancer Care, made me feel uncomfortable, thinking that something was wrong with me, triggering my anxiety which add a few more test to the pile. I ended up with a panic attack, that I keep blaming my hormones for, but that the hospital thought it could have been related to heart issues, so, more tests… not what I consider glamour!

If you must know, not only my health was an disenchantment, but my finances as well. Last year, I took on the task of mastering bad decisions, I spent my small savings, which took me forever to have, venturing into Florida and taking the year off from work, and I did it all without bothering myself on thinking about it. I still wonder, what in the world was I thinking? What did I eat that poisoned my brain? I should have followed my doctor’s advice and taken hormonal pills. Only if I had known that they would take care of my mind, would I have avoided falling down the cliff where I am now.

Either way, life continues to give me opportunities to correct my mistakes.
I learned the lesson and learned in a difficult way the importance of controlling my emotions, finding meditation first and then the prayers as part of my mental health routine, I also decided to pay attention to what I am eating and be aware of the benefits. from moving, therefore, I managed to adjust an easy exercise routine to regulate my metabolism and slowly return to swimming, diving and running.

Finally, who does know what the future will bring us? No-one!

 #fifties #life #mental-health #prayer-and-meditation #connections


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