Blogging, A therapeutic experience!


You know when you have a thought that seem not to want to leave you alone unless you share it? Well, that is exactly what I have been experiencing in the past few days.

It all started when I said to myself -out loud- I need to stop procrastinating! Yes! I have the habit of postponing thing that is important or wait until last minute to run like if my life depends on it, you procrastinators out there know how it feels.

In case you are curious about how I manage to get things done, I don’t! I always wait until that very last minute, which explains the reason why my postings are very erratic. Of course! There is no deadline for a blogger.

However, I had the desire to work on this blog, the need to express myself and feel that doing so would help another doubtful person, then, no matter what or how to start, just with the response of when which resonated in my head NOW, Now is a perfect time!

Then, after years in my mind, full of fears and in my worst moment of anxiety, one day I did it! I opened my blog!

I never imagined how therapeutic it would be for me. It was liberating and scary, you should know that there were more deleted posts than you can read here, and although my mind kept telling me, can you write in English? My feelings told me to GO! Who cares, express yourself! Then, I stopped thinking and that was the short magic moment when this journey began.

Even so, I have doubts every time I sit down to write, but now I do it anticipating the thrill of feeling satisfied. As my fellow Toastmasters, Joze Piranian, says, the repetitive exposure to the source of fears desensitizes you and make them less threatening.

Finally, my wholeheartedly advice to you is: start NOW, anything you have been wanted for a long time…Now is the time!



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