I’m still here!


It feels as if my last post was just yesterday! It has been challenging to keep my own promise to post content every week, first I have a life, second, and more honest reason is I am a procrastinator.

Nonetheless my desire of expressing and sharing experiences of this stage of my life with you is firing me up, giving me new ideas, and ways I can communicate my thoughts and experiences with you.

One of the things that I am “cooking” is a notebook with inspirational quotes that define some of my feelings and common experiences of this stage of life, and I found it fun to add coloring pictures.

This little things that I’m creating here and there has given a different meaning to my live, helping me to heal emotional and psychologically, as well as a way to explore my life purpose. It forces me to slow down and take time for myself, to listen to my feelings and learn to be comfortable with them, acknowledging their presence and knowing that they are there for a reason. To guide me, recognize a problem or address a solution..

I keep keep you posted, and happy November.



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