I went to a seminar about start up business where the speaker told us her journey to become an entrepreneur. It was interesting how simple she described the process of putting her idea to work, which made me think why it is so complicated to me to materialize my ideas?

I realized that part of this has to do with my lack of confidence, disguised as perfectionism that makes me think that my ideas are not ready.
It happens that when I wanted to take the next step to carry out my project, I always get distracted by an event. Perhaps I am afraid of ridiculing myself, believing that the project is not complete, it is not perfect. So I leave it, check it, scan it again and stop when I get to the execution point.

Deeply, I knew that all this had to do with the way I saw myself:

an imperfect perfectionist,

what a dilemma!

So, I decided to transform that, which was not an easy task, however, I was determined to reach my potential. First I began my transformation, accepting the fact that it was not perfect, and never would be, that there would always be another level, that life is a process of continuous improvement and that there are several areas to consider in the path of change, I understood that it was a divided whole and that I needed to work in all those parts to function to my full potential.

Once I understood it, I began to educate myself in those areas where I recognize that I needed to work. Registering in Toastmasters (Public speaking and Leadership training) was one of my first strategies, next I started going to seminars, invested in workshops, hired trainers. The only problem was that I wanted everything immediately, so I had lost interest and, when I didn’t see the results on time, I quit.
Then restart everything, in fact, I’m still in the process. But you know what? Now I have the confidence that keeps me on track towards my goal, now I understand that it takes time, and that being patient is key in this transformation process.



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